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Teacher's Zone website for EFL/ESL teachers
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Teacher's Zone is the website for primary teachers working with children aged 4-12. It provides support in arranging well-organized lessons.

Teacher’s Zone contains a ready-to-use resource of inspirational vocabulary and speaking activities. A growing collection of free printable flashcards, word cards, posters and worksheets can be found here. Many practical ideas, teaching tips and lesson plans which can be easily adapted in different situations help to involve young learners and teach them effectively.

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WHAT PET HAVE I GOT? - guessing game
If your ESL students know lots of animals, especially pets, but they need to practice the vocabulary in interesting context, try this guessing game ‘What pet have I got?’. Students will feel comfortable to speak English, even those with low self-esteem or shy, as they work in pairs.
Published by Anna Sawa - 19/3/2019
It is not possible to cure somebody of dyslexia and nobody grows out of it. Therefore, it is necessary to teach dyslexic children how to learn a foreign language and how to develop their own learning strategies. Using their talents and intelligence and with the help and support of the teacher, they can compensate and deal with their weak points.
Published by Anna Sawa - 11/3/2019
Saint Patrick's Day is coming. It is a great oportunity to come forth with some Irish symbols and traditions. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (17th March) with your students you can choose some of these activities.
Published by Anna Sawa - 5/3/2019

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