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Teacher's Zone is the website for primary teachers working with children aged 4-12.
It provides support in arranging well-organized lessons.

Teacher’s Zone contains a ready-to-use resource of inspirational vocabulary, speaking, reading and writing activities. A growing collection of free printable flashcards, word cards, posters and worksheets can be found here. Many practical ideas, teaching tips and lesson plans which can be easily adapted in different situations help to involve young learners and teach them effectively.

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6 Ways to Revise Vocabulary with ESL Students
The best way to commit new words and expressions to long-term memory is coming frequently back to well-known material. Here you can find some worth to present techniques to revise vocabulary with ELT students.
Published by Anna Sawa - 16/9/2022
Mr Crocodile, can we cross the river? – Game for ESL Young Learners
Mr Crocodile, can we cross the river? is one of the games that my students very often ask me to play. This traditional English game is engaging and perfectly suited to ESL young learners.
Published by Anna Sawa - 4/9/2022
Teach ESL Kids How to Remember New English Vocabulary
Every new word or fixed expression that is taught in a foreign language should be followed by lots of practice. Presentation new English vocabulary should be supported by additional techniques to practice and memorise new material.
Published by Anna Sawa - 22/8/2022
Developing Communication Skills Among ESL Students in Primary School
A vital goal of teaching a foreign language is developing students' communication skills. T In this post you can find some methodes and techniques how to improve foreign language skills in a child-friendly way.
Published by Anna Sawa - 20/4/2022
FOOD GROUPS - CLIL lesson plan
The aim of this lesson is to teach food items which are split according to the groups of food they belong to. Products are divided into four food groups: fish & meat, fruit & vegetables, dairy products and grain products.
Published by Anna Sawa - 7/3/2022
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