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Teacher's Zone is the website for primary teachers working with children aged 4-12.
It provides support in arranging well-organized lessons.

Teacher’s Zone contains a ready-to-use resource of inspirational vocabulary, speaking, reading and writing activities. A growing collection of free printable flashcards, word cards, posters and worksheets can be found here. Many practical ideas, teaching tips and lesson plans which can be easily adapted in different situations help to involve young learners and teach them effectively.

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Dragon for St. George's Day
Celebrating St. George's Day with your ESL students on 23rd April you can try this dragon craft activity. It is also a great opportunity to talk about British history and teach the language.
Published by Anna Sawa - 11/4/2021
Wh - questions Activity for ESL Students and Primary School
Are you looking for an idea how to teach question structurs to your ESL kids? Here is presented a Wh- question activity which helps them with practising word order in English questions.
Published by Anna Sawa - 28/3/2021
How to Teach Simple Past Regular and Irregular Verbs
If you are looking for ideas how to teach Simple Past regular and irregular verbs to your primary students you are in the right place. You can find here some ideas and resources that can help your students to memorize verb forms faster and learn in a pleasure way.
Published by Anna Sawa - 21/3/2021
Teaching English to Children with Special Educational Needs in Primary School
How to teach English to different types of special needs children in primary school? In this article you can find a list of some difficulties that special needs children struggle at school. As well as several helpful teaching techniques.
Published by Anna Sawa - 13/3/2021
Numbers 1-10 Teaching Resources for ESL Kids
One of the most common topics for ESL kids is numbers. We often introduce them very early and come back to the topic on many ocassions. That is why teachers need new ideas and materials to keep children's attention and interest.
Published by Anna Sawa - 7/3/2021
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