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Teacher's Zone website for EFL/ESL teachers
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Teacher's Zone is the website for primary teachers working with children aged 4-12.
It provides support in arranging well-organized lessons.

Teacher’s Zone contains a ready-to-use resource of inspirational vocabulary, speaking, reading and writing activities. A growing collection of free printable flashcards, word cards, posters and worksheets can be found here. Many practical ideas, teaching tips and lesson plans which can be easily adapted in different situations help to involve young learners and teach them effectively.

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You are welcome to try a new set of resources which have appeared on the Teacher's Zone website. There are free flashcards and printable worksheets for the collocations with the verbs: make, play and ride to download.
Published by Anna Sawa - 29/3/2020
MY DREAM HOUSE - lesson plan
When lots of house vocabulary is introduced. Students are familiarised with There is/are structure and prepostions of place. It is time to apply their knowledge in practise.
Published by Anna Sawa - 22/3/2020
VERB TO BE - grammar worksheets
There is a new set of grammar worksheets on the Teacher's Zone website. Teachers are able to download free printable worksheets for verb to be.
Published by Anna Sawa - 15/3/2020
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