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A vocabulary poster is a great teaching idea to introduce or practise lexical items. You can print one and attache it to the board or display on the screen.

Click on the topic you are looking for and download free poster:

You can use vocabulary poster activities like these:

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Touch First

Ask two students to come to the board. Say one word and they have to touch the right picture. Student who does it first gets the point. You can involve all students from the class by asking them to name pictures from the poster to point by those at the board.

What is behind the number?

Cover the pictures with sheets of paper (you can write numbers on the paper). Students try to guess the words from the poster one by one.

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Repeat if it's true

Point to a picture from the poster and say a word. If it is the right word to call the picture, students repeat it. If it is not true, children put the fingers on their mouths and keep quiet.

Mime a word

Ask one of the students to come to the board and choose one word from the poster to mime it. The rest of the class try to guess asking: Is it a ...? and the only answer they can get is: No, it isn't or Yes, it is. Who gives the right word, can mime the next one.

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