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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

by Anna Sawa

Theory of Howard Gardner

A teacher, who would like to organize a great lesson involving all students, has to take into consideration that everyone learns in different way. Howard Gardner lists eight types of intelligence which have direct influence on people's learning style. According to Gardner all individuals possess all eight intelligences in varying amounts. That is why, the teacher should diversify methods and techniques to support development of students' multiple intelligences.

According to Gardner ‘Intelligence is the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings’.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Verbal - Linguistic Intelligence

Students like:
- reading books,
- listening to stories,
- making notes,
- poems and rhymes,
- crosswords, wordsquars and word games.

Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Logical - Mathematical Intelligence

Students like:
- counting tasks,
- analysing texts,
- riddles to solve.

Theory of Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Bodily - Kinaesthetic Intelligence

Students like:
- playing games,
- moving and manipulating objects,
- dances and activities with music,
- craft activities,
- class or school plays.

Multiple Intelligences

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Students like:
- pictures, posters, wall boards, photos in the classroom,
- watching films,
- making notes,
- drawing mind maps,
- highlighting or underlining important information.

Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Musical Intelligence

Students like:
- songs, rhymes and chants,
- playing and listening to music,
- writing songs with new vocabulary.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
Interpersonal Intelligence

Students like:
- pair and group working,
- group or class discussions,
- practising and presenting dialogues,
- communicating with their peers from other countries.

Theory of Howard Gardner

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Students like:
- writing diaries,
- individual projects,
- personality tests.

Theory of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
Naturalistic Intelligence

Students like:
- recognizing objects in nature (plants, animals),
- playing and learning outdoors,
- eco-projects.

All students possess all eight intelligences in varying amounts. It is helpful for teaching-learning process to get to know students leading intelligences and their learning styles.
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