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Teach ESL Kids How to Remember New English Vocabulary

by Anna Sawa

Every new word or  fixed expression that is taught in a foreign language should be followed  by lots of practice. Presentation new English vocabulary should be  supported by additional techniques to practice and memorise new  material. In another case ESL kids can know vocabulary but they will  experience difficulty in bringing to mind the right expression or using  it in context. Here are presented some useful techniques to remember and  consolidate new English vocabulary that you teach.


English vocabulary for primary school
Students  draw pictures illustrating new words in English or collect thematically  connected items around one picture. It can be a seedbed to label the  items on the picture, make sentences with new English vocabulary,  describe what is going on the illustration or discuss more abstract  issues with your ESL kids.

Mind maps
Mind  maps help ESL kids to organize their vocabulary around a single topic.  Creating a mind map is an ideal opportunity for your students to put all  English words and phrases they know together. It is useful especially  preparing for discussion on a specific subject.


Teaching tips to revise english vocabulary
Sequence  of pictures is drawn and then some texts are added in the bubbles. This  technique is a great way to put phrases that are taught in the  meaningful context created by students themselves. These dialogues from  the comics can be practiced in pairs or small groups.

Students  create pictures by the words which illustrate their meaning. New  English vocabulary or phrases are written in such a way that expresses  what they say and helps to learn them by heart. This technique matches  greatly learning of a foreign language and ESL kids’ art creativity.
A  new word in English can be associated with another one thematically  connected, with its function or with some places. Associations between  words and expression can be different even absurd, but each one is good  if it makes remembering new English vocabulary easier.
Games and play

Games and play in primary classroom
The  best way for ESL kids to learn new English vocabulary are games and  play. These are the most natural and the funniest activities for  children. They have learnt their mother tongue this way and that is why  they should learn a foreign language in the same way.

ESL  kids should experience as many as possible oportunities to listen and  repeat a foreign language they have learnt. Repeating new English  vocabulary and phrases after a teacher or a recording should be  introduced gradually - at first in chorus and then the number of the  repeating learners should be reduced to individual repetitions.

Songs, rhymes and stories
Songs,  rhymes and stories which are attuned perfectly to ESL kids needs can be  effective teaching strategy. They not only help children remember  English vocabulary and structures, but also practice listening and  speaking skills. Besides, these teaching techniques help with creating  friendly and motivating atmosphere to learn, as children love singing  and listening to stories.

ESL  kids should be taught that see or hear a new English word once is not  enough to remember and use it properly. The role of a teacher is to  organize English lessons so that ESL kids could practise new English  vocabulary in many different ways and situations.

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