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Your students will enjoy participating in this super simple and easy to remember rhyme if you use finger puppets to introduce a new set of vocabulary.

Age: 4-8
Language focus:
- any vocabulary (in the example: zoo animals)
- Hello. / Bye, bye.
- Where are you? / Here I am.
- How are you? / I’m fine, thank you.
Materials: finger puppets (in the example zoo animals)


1. Put on one of the finger puppets and say "Hello, children. I'm (ex. a parrot)."  and encourage children to say "Hello (ex. parrot)" .

2. Then say or sing the rhyme like this:
"Parrot finger, parrot finger, where are you?
Here I am, here I am. How are you?"
and students respond:                  "I'm fine, thank you."

3. Continue with other animals.

4. Then take out finger puppets one by one and say “Bye, bye children.” and students respond “Bye, bye, (ex. a parrot)."  

Teaching tips:
- You can introduce different types of greetings at the beginning (Hello, Hi, Good morning, Good afternoon) and at the end (Bye, Goodbye, See you) of the activity.

Click here to download free zoo animals flash cards.

Click here to download animals posters.

Click here to download zoo animals worksheets.

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Thomasina Ruth Martin
2018-03-01 16:07:01
Please can you send me the prices for the sets. Can you post to colombia.
Teacher's Zone
2018-03-02 09:51:38
Sorry, but we do not sell teaching resources. We just share teaching ideas and digital materials. Ask about finger puppets at the toy shop in your area. Good luck!
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