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Autumn game

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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 10 October 2023
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Autumn time is a great opportunity to teach common vocabulary related to autumn such as: an acorn, a mushroom, an apple, grapes, leaves or a pumpkin. I would like to present an autumn game which is a perfect way to practice autumn vocabulary with young ESL learners.
Age: 4-10
Language focus:
- autumn vocabulary (in the example: acorn, apple, mushroom, pumpkin, leaves)
Materials: flashcards, a set of small pictures (about eight of each kind), a dice, a pawn

Autumn vocabulary for young ESL learners

1. Students play in groups of 3 or 4.
2. Put flashcards in the circle on the floor. In the middle of the circle put five piles of small autumn pictures (as in the picture below). The counter is placed on the one of the pictures.

Autumn game for primary school and kindergarten

3. Students throw the dice one by one and move the pawn clockwise.
4. When they stop on one of the flashcards they say the word and take a small picture of the same kind.
5. The winner is the first one who collects three pictures of one kind.

Teaching tips:
To make the autumn game more challenging small pictures in the middle of the circle can be put face down and students draw them. If they find the same picture as the chosen flashcard, they have the point. If not they put back the drawn picture on the same place in the middle of the circle. The winner is the student who has three small pictures of the same kind.


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