CLASS BIRTHDAY CHART - speaking activity

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CLASS BIRTHDAY CHART - speaking activity

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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 20 February 2019
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Today I encourage to try simple speaking activity 'Class Birthday Chart'. You can use this idea in many different situations, for example teaching months of the year, as an ice breaker activity or just a spur to talk in English.

Months of the year activity for young ESL learners

Age: 8-10
Language focus:
- months of the year (optionally: ordinal numbers)
- question: When is your birthday?,
- answers: It's in ... (optionally: It's on the ... of ... .)
Materials: a printable worksheet (click the image below to download the worksheet), a pen

Birthday  speaking activity for ptimary students

1. Revise the months of the year with your students. You can use printed word cards or display a poster or flashcards. Click an image below to download free teaching materials.

Months of the year taeching resources   Months of the year teaching materials   Months of the year reasources

2. Distribute worksheets and ask your students to write the months of the year.

3. When their charts are ready, they ask all their classmates the question When is your birthday? to find out their birth months and write names in the right circle on the worksheet.

Teaching tips:
To make the task a little bit harder you can introduce ordinal numbers and ask your students to give more specific answers: It's on the ... of ... .

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