Colour Mixing CLIL Lesson Plan

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Colour Mixing CLIL Lesson Plan

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Published by Anna Sawa in Lesson plans · 24 November 2021
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Primary students love taking part in experiments. During this CLIL lesson they will identify colours, predict colour mixing results and carry out experiments on colours. I hope they will have a great fun and learn a lot.

Colour mixing CLIL lesson plan for primary students

Age: 6-10
Time: 60 minutes
Language focus:
- colours
- primary and secondary colours
- structures:
  • What colour is the …?, It is …
  • … (Red) and … (blue) make …(purple)
Materials: paints or plasticine, a sheet of paper or the colour mixing worksheet for each student
1. Revise names of the colours. Walk around and ask about colours of diffrent obejects in the classroom. You can also use colour flashcards or a colour poster to do that.
2. Introduce what primary colours are and name them.
3. Ask students to guess what happens if they mix the primary colours. Write their predictions on the board.
red + blue = (students’ ideas)
red + yellow = (students’ ideas)
blue + yellow = (students’ ideas)
4. Students using paints or plasticine check if they were right. You can use the colour mixing worksheet like this. Click an image below to download free printable colour mixing worksheet.

Mixing colours CLIL lesson plan for primary students

5. Encourage students to experiment with mixing other colours.

Primary and secondary colours CLIL lesson plan for primary students

6. To consolidate students’ knowledge let them watch the video on the colour mixing topic.

7. Create a bulletin board display to present your students’ projects about mixing colours.
8. For additional practice or as a homework you can use more colour worksheets from the Teacher’s Zone website.

Hope that will be a fun and informative lesson about primary and secondary colours for your students.

Enjoy teaching with Teacher’s Zone ideas and materials 😊

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12 Feb 2021
Thanks for sharing:)
Stuart Robbens
23 Jul 2023
Great lesson thanks
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