Dragon for St. George's Day

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Dragon for St. George's Day

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Published by Anna Sawa in Lesson plans · 11 April 2021
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Celebrating St. George's Day with your ESL students on 23rd April you can try this dragon craft activity. It is also a great opportunity to talk about British history and teach the language.

Age: 8-12
Time: at least 60-90 minutes
Language focu:
- body parts
- structures: I am ..., I have got ..., I can ...
Materials: Legend of St.George and the Dragon; sheets of paper (one for each group of students), crayons, markers, scissors and any materials to make a poster; worksheets to practise key vocabulary

British history for ESL kids and primary school

1. As an introduction tell the Legend of George and the Dragon. You can also watch the story of St. George. I recommend George and the Dragon story from British Council website.
2. Then, divide your students into groups of five and ask them to draw a dragon, decorate it and label the body parts.
To do the task more challenging your students can make speech bubbles with short sentences like in the example:

St. George's Day - activity for primary learners

3. When the posters of dragons are ready put them up in the classroom.

4. Copy and distribute the worksheet to practise key words from St. George's legend.

Printable task for St. George's Day

Enjoy St. George's Day ideas from the Teacher's Zone website. Leave a comment and share if you find them useful:)

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