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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 16 October 2019
Tags: bodyvocabularyspeakingverbsgrammar
Speaking activity for young learners to practise parts of the body, numbers and colours. Try this entertaining activity to teach new vocabulary and give your students a lot of joy.

Age: 6-10
Language focus:
- parts of the body, numbers 1-6, colours
- My monster’s name is …;  It has got …; It is… / They are…
Materials: dices, paper (one sheet for each student), pencils and crayons.

Speaking activity for body parts

1. Children draw on their sheets of paper a body of the monster (it can be any shape).

2. Students throw a dice several times and draw parts of the monster’s  body:

1st throw – eyes ( as many dots on the dice as many eyes on the monster)

2nd – noses          
Body parts activity
3rd – mouths
4th – ears
5th – arms
6th – hands                
7th – fingers
8th – legs
9th – feet
10th – toes, etc.

3. Students can colour their monsters.

4. When students finish their drawings, they sit on the floor in the circle, show the monsters to other students and describe them:

My monster’s name is Wooly.
It has got three eyes and they are pink.
It has got four noses and they are blue.
It has got one mouth and it is purple. etc.

Teaching tips:
- You can introduce any parts of the body you need.
- You can write what each throw means on the board or dictate one by one.

Click here to download worksheets for body parts.

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