FOOD GROUPS - word game

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FOOD GROUPS - word game

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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 20 March 2018
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Spin the bottle and let your students practise any food vocabulary.

Age: 8-12

Language focus:
- food groups: fish and meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, grain products,
- any food items (in the example: apples, pasta, strawberries,  peppers, tuna, meatballs, tomatoes, bananas, rolls, carrots, broccoli,  lettuce, rice, cherries, beef, butter, spinach, buckwheat groats, cream,  baguette, cheese, chicken, milk, steak, cereal, sardines, bacon,  salmon, bread, cottage cheese, ham, yoghurt, sausages)

- word cards: food items and food groups (to download the word cards click here)
- a bottle of water.

Food groups - word game      Food - word game

1. Print the word cards and cut them out. You can use different colours of paper for food groups.

2. Put the food groups in the circle and the food word cards face down. In the middle of the circle put a bottle of water.

3. Students sit around and spin the bottle to choose the food group and turn over one food card in turn. If the card matches to the food group they put the card next to the food group. If the card does not match they keep it.

Food groups - CLIL activity   Food - vocabulary activity

4. Next rounds students start with spinning the bottle, but they can add the food card they have kept earlier instead of turning over another one.

5. The winner is the player who the first gets rid of the food cards.

- You can play the game with the whole class or divide students into groups.
- For younger students you can simplify the game using some picture food cards.

Enjoy the FOOD GROUPS game!

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