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Published by john@teachers-zone.com in Teaching Ideas · 8 May 2015
Tags: seasonsactivity
Simple but involving way to practise seasons of the year with young learners.

Seasons of the year - idea for primary students

Age: 5-8
Materials: four A3 sheets of paper with labels (spring, summer, autumn, winter), some black and white pictures representing each season of the yaer (download exemplary images)

CLIL lesson plan for primary school

1. Attach four sheets of paper with seasons labels to the board.
2. Say several times each season name and encourage students to repat after you.
3. Hold up one of the printed pictures and say its name (for example: SHORTS). Then say seasons one by one and ask students to repeat season's name if they are connected. Continue with different items.
4. Put all the pictures into the bag and ask each student to close the eyes and draw one item. Children colour the picture and say the season's name where they are going to stick it. Then they can draw another item.

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