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Published by john@teachers-zone.com in Teaching Ideas · 23 February 2015
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Your students can be heavily involved in an arrangement for Funny Numbers Show. This activity is really easy to organise. What you need are paper sheets, crayons and markers.

Children can draw their own numbers or use your templates and decorate them in funny way.


When numbers are ready you can use them to practise your students language skills (not only vocabulary for numbers). Here are some examples of possible activities:

1. Say the number
Funny numbers are sticked to the board. Point to the pictures one by one and ask different students to say the numbers.

2. Guess the number
One of the students selects and describes a number and other students try to guess the number.

3. Touch first
Numbers are on the board and two or three students stay in front of the class. Students from the classroom say numbers and students at the board point to the right numbers. The winner is a student who is the fastest.

4. Classroom survey
Students ask each other what number is their favourite.

5. Flashcards activities
You can use your students' funny numbers as a flash cards and find some ideas here.

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