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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 21 October 2018
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Are you going to decorate your classroom for Halloween? Then you can find here some inspirational ideas. You should draw your students in preparing for the Halloween lessons or parties. Making crafts is also an excellent moment to talk about Halloween traditions in English speaking countries with EFL students.


Felt pumpkin
Materials needed to make these felt pumpkin crafts:   Halloween craft activities for EFL learnersHalloween ideas for primary school
- felt cloth in different colours (especially orange and black),
- glue and scissors.


Paper pumpkin
Materials needed to make these paper pumpkin crafts:   Halloween craft activities for primary studentsHalloween pumpkins for primary stydents
- sheets of white hard paper,
- orange crepe paper,
- markers,
- glue and scissors.

Decorated pumpkin
Materials needed to decorate a pumpkin:  Halloween traditions - lesson for primary students
- a pumpkin,
- markers,
- a polystyrene ball (cut it in half to make eyes),
- pipe cleaners for pumpkin's hair,
- a crumpled ball of paper for a nose.


Pom pom spider
Materials needed to make this pom pom spider:   Halloween decorations for EFL/ESL students
- black hard paper,
- black pom pom balls,
- self-adhesive rhinestones,
- glue and scissors.

Ping pong spider
Materials needed to make this ping pong spider:   Inspirations for Halloween in primary school
- black and white hard paper,
- half of a table tennis ball / a polystyrene ball,
- strong glue,
- scissors.

Paper spider
Materials needed to make this simple paper spider: Halloween projects for kids
- black and white crepe paper,
- glue.


Leaves ghosts
Materials needed to make these leaves ghosts:     Halloween lesson plan for primary school
- leaves,
- a white paint,
- markers.

Fabric ghosts
Materials needed to make these small fabric ghosts:   Halloween crafts for primary students
- a piece of white fabric,
- a cotton wool ball,
- a white rubber band,
- a black marker.


Paper black cat
Materials needed to make this paper black cat:   Halloween black cat for primary school
- black hard paper,
- glue and scissors.

Black cat and full moon poster
Materials needed to make this DIY poster for Halloween:   Halloween culture lesson for EFL / ESL students
- black hard paper,
- a foil holographic metallic card (to make the gleaming full moon),
- soft pastels (to draw bats around the moon),
- scissors and glue.


Toilet paper roll witch
Materials needed to make this toilet paper roll witch:   Halloween projects for kindergarten
- a toilet paper roll,
- black hard paper,
- paints,
- a paper raffia ribbon,
- scissors and glue.

Click here to find more inspirations to teach primary EFL students about Halloween fesival.

Have a spooky but happy Halloween! Trick or a comment!                Happy Halloween

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