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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 4 October 2018
Tags: animalsvocabularyactivitiesquestionsspeaking
Do your students like playing hide and seek? Do they love animals? Let them play with the pets practising spelling at the same time.

Age: 7-10

Language focus:
- any animals (in the example: dog, tortoise, mouse, lamb, guinea pig, budgie, hamster, cat, rabbit, horse)
- expression: Where's the ...?; Here it is.

- a notebook and crayons
- sticky notes and a pen
- optionally: pictures of the animals and word cards (click here to download word cards for the pets)

Animals - vocabulary activity

1. Ask your students to draw the pets in their notebooks (for example: dog, tortoise, mouse, lamb, guinea pig, budgie, hamster, cat, rabbit, horse).

2. Distribute sticky notes to cover each picture of the pet.

3. Then ask questions Where's the ...? and students answer: Here it is. and uncover the right image. Optionally you can show flash cards of the animals during asking the questions.

4. Put up the word cards or write the names of the pets on the board one by one. Ask students to copy the names of the animals on their sticky notes (one label on a sticky note).

Pets - practising vocabulary

5. When the labels are ready the students match them to the images in their notebooks.

Pets activity

6. Then students rewrite the names of the pets under the pictures.

Animals - spelling activity

Enjoy and if you like the activity leave a comment.

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Angela Lawlor
21 Oct 2021
This looks like a great activity for my LD students. I imagine it could be used with other vocabulary sets also. Thank you so much!
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