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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 12 March 2018
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Try this activity to practise house vocabulary - pronunciation as well as spelling. If it is necessary introduce or revise the vocabulary before the game. I hope your students will learn a lot having great fun.

Age: 8-12
Language focus:
- rooms and furniture vocabulary (kitchen, bathroom, basement, attic, garage, living room,  study, bedroom, armchair, cooker, desk, washbasin, wardrobe, table, cupboard, fridge, sofa, bookcase)
- sentence formation
Materials: a set of cards for each group (click here to download the cards)

House - rooms and furniture matching game

1. Divide the class into groups three or four.

2. Give each group a set of cards.

3. Students put the cards face down on the desk.

4. Students turn over two cards in turn.

Rooms and furniture - vocabulary activity  Rooms and furniture - vocabulary activity

5. If the cards match, they form a sentence with the word (for example, ARM+CHAIR:     There is an armchair in the living room.). If the sentence is correct, they keep the cards as a point.

6. If the cards do not match or the sentence is incorrect, the student flips the cards face down again and the next student has a go.

7. The winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game.
Teaching tips:
- You can cut out the cards before the lesson and laminate them or ask the students to do it before the game.
- With younger students you can omit sentence formation and ask them to pronounce the word correctly each time they find a pair.

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Agnes Tantoy
09 Apr 2018
Hello I need more lesson plans please
Hassan Mourabiti
10 Apr 2018
Thanks so much
30 May 2018
Thank you so much for sharing . we would love to receive more lesson plans.
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