'FIVE-A-DAY' - CLIL lesson plan

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'FIVE-A-DAY' - CLIL lesson plan

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Published by john@teachers-zone.com in Lesson plans · 16 March 2015
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Healthy food project for primary students

Teaching food vocabulary it is the right moment to introduce a crucial nutrition rule: FIVE-A-DAY portions of fruit or vegetables.
Age: 6-8
Language focus:
- vocabulary: fruit and vegetables
- structures: What fruit/vegetables do you like? / I like ...
Materials: flashcards, a sheet of paper for each student, crayons, worksheets for fast finishers
Time: 45 minutes
1. Display or show printed flashcards with fruit and vegetables which are familiar to your students and ask them to name the items. Click on the pictures below to download fruit or vegetables flashcards:

fruit vocabulary

vegetables vocabulary

2. Ask some students the question: What fruit / vegetables do you like?  and encourage them to answer:
I like ...
3. Introduce five-a-day nutrition rule and ask children to make their own projects to picture this good habit. Students write a big 5 in the middle of the paper. Then they draw five fruit or vegetables (juice is also possible) they like and label them. Finally, children decorate the five number and colour their five-a-day.

FOOD - CLIL lesson plan for children in primary school

6. Stick ready projects to the board.
7. Fast finishers can do some additional tasks. Click on the links and print fruit worksheets or vegetables worksheets. You can use some of them as a homework as well.

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