TOMATO - speaking activity

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TOMATO - speaking activity

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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 5 October 2020
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Try this Tomato activity to practise asking questions with primary students in a funny way. The Tomato game does not need any preperation or materials. You can organize the whole lesson around this activity or use it as a filler game in your classroom.

Asking questions - game for English learners

Age: 8-12
Language focus: asking questions
Materials: none or a Tomato headband
1. Divide the class into groups of five.
2. Single one student out in each group who will be a ‘Tomato’. The student puts on a Tomato headband or take a tomato soft toy. You can use the tomato headband like this below to mark the student who answers the questions.

Speaking game for primary students   
3. Students in each group ask questions to the ‘Tomato’ in turns and try to make him/her laugh. The only possible answer to all questions can be ‘tomato’.
Examples of questions:
- What’s your name?
- What’s your pet?
- What are you wearing on your head?
- Why do you like dancing?
- What did you do at school yesterday?
6. If somebody makes the student who is ‘Tomato’ laugh or gets a wrong answer, he/she supplants the ‘Tomato’.

There are no winners in this game. The goal of the Tomato activity is practising question structures and having fun.

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