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EAT A RAINBOW - CLIL lesson plan

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Published by john@teachers-zone.com in Lesson plans · 21 March 2015
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Nutrition CLIL lesson plan for children

The goal of the lesson is to teach children that they should eat fruit and vegetables in five different colours every day.
Age: 6-10
Time: 45-60 minutes
Language focus:
- vocabulary: fruit and vegetables, colours
- structures: What colour are ...? / They are ...
Materials: pictures of fruit and vegetables, sheets of paper in five colours (red, orange, yellow, green, purple), worksheets for each student

EFL project for food   Nutrition CLIL lesson plan for EFL students

1. Stick five colors of paper to the board.
2. Show different fruit and vegetables, name them and ask your students to say their colours.
3. Then stick them to the righ sheet of paper.
Food lesson plan for primary school

4. When all pictures are on the board ask your students to prepare their own projects 'Eat a rainbow for health'.
5. Hand out worksheets to colour and cut out the fruit and veggies and ask children to glue them to the   the worksheets with a rainbow template. Students can also label the fruit and vegetables.

Eat a rainbow project for primary school    Healthy food - lesson plan for EFL/ESL students

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02 Apr 2015
great idea very good work
07 Jun 2015
Thanks for sharing!
23 Oct 2017
CLIL and storytelling are one of my favourite teaching methods. They really work and the're very enjoyable.
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