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Published by Anna Sawa in Lesson plans · 29 January 2017
Tags: bodyCLILactivitiesvocabularyprojectscrafts
Making a minibook is an interesting way to teach five human senses and revise names of the body parts. This craft activity encourage young students to read and give an oportunity to use their creativity.

Body parts and five senses craft work

Age: 5-7

Language focus:
- lexical items: body parts, five human senses
- structure: I can ... with my ...

Materials: a sheet of A4 paper (one for each child), crayons, a pencil, scissors, pieces with sentenses to read and paste into the minibook.

1. Demonstrate how to make a miniboook step by step:

How to make a minibook

2. Ask your students to make a front page - write a title 'My five senses'.

3. Then pass sentences to read and paste on the pages of the minibook. You can use this printable worksheet:

My 5 senses and body parts - simple reading task.

4. Now it is time to complete the minibooks with some pictures. Students draw on each page what they can see, hear, smell, taste or touch.

Minibook abou the human senses        Mini booklete about human senses

5. Give your students some time to talk and share their ideas.

Have fun!

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