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Speaking activity to practise short dialogues and teach children toys vocabulary.

Speaking activity for toys vocabulary

Age: 4-8
Language focus:
- any toys (in the example: a ball, a doll, a car, a plane, a parrot, a humming top)
- What's this? / It's a ...
- Here you are. ; Thank you.
Materials: toys, bag

1. Children sit in the circle.
2. Take out the toys from the bag one by one and ask students to repeat each name.
3. Pass one toy to the student who sits next to you and ask: 'What's this?' and encurage him/her to answer: 'It's a ...'. Then say ‘Here you are.’  and pass the toy and the student answers: ‘Thank you’.
4. Students continue asking and passing the toy clockwise.
5. Continue the activity with other toys.
6. Wait until all the toys get back to you.

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elena conte
20 May 2015
hi ok copy this on your wall
Teacher's Zone
20 May 2015
This post is on my wall: https://www.facebook.com/teacherszoneblog/photos/a.1541036482822399.1073741834.1533001936959187/1562341390691908/?type=1&theater
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