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Published by john@teachers-zone.com in Teaching Ideas · 10 June 2015
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Activity for children to practise singular and plural forms of fruit vocabulary.

Age: 4-8

Language focus:
- fruit (in the example: apple, banana, orange, pear, plums, strawberries, kiwis, grapefruit, lemon);
- verbs: take, peel, cut, put, add, mix;
- singular and plural forms of fruit;
- indefinite and definite articles

Materials: pictures of fruit (one for each child), fruit salad recipe

1. Children sit in the circle.
2. Pre-teach or revise fruit names with flashcards.


3. Say a recipe for fruit salad, but instead of reading the fruit names hold up the pictures and the children should say their names chorally.

4. Hand out pictures of fruit.
5. Ask the children to stand up and sit down when they hear their fruit and read the recipe again.
Teaching tips:
- If the children like the activity, ask them to pass their pictures clockwise to their friends, change the action (ex.  jump, clap your hands, turn around) and read the recipe again.

Download more fruit flashcards for free.

Download printable worksheets for fruit.

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13 Jun 2015
I' m planning a project about Food - different types of food in different countries around the world, stories on food, recipes, how to use food properly.... - can you suggest me some ideas or Sites where I can find some inspiration. I'm looking for something original....
Thank you very much for your time.
Teacher's Zone
13 Jun 2015
Click 'LESSON PLANS' and 'CLIL' on my website to find some food projects:
1. Eat a rainbow
2. Five-a-day
3. My healthy breakfast
I think that 'Food pyramid', 'Food map' (students match different dishes to the countries on the map) or 'Eating habits classmate survey' could be a great idea as well.
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