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FOOD ZONE - introduction of new vocabulary

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Published by john@teachers-zone.com in Lesson plans · 25 February 2015
Tags: foodvocabularyactivities
Age: 6-8
Language focus:
- any food items (in the example: carrots, broccoli, chips, pizza, apples, cake, strawberries, bananas)
- question: Do you like...?
- answers: Yes, I do. Yummy! / No, I don't. Yuk!
Materials: food flashcards, a sheet of paper with a hole
Time: 45 minutes

1. Say your students that the subject of the lesson is food and show them flashcards one by one covered by sheet of paper with a hole. Encourage children to guess food items they are going to learn. If the answers are in L1 translate them into English and encourage students to repeat the names.
2. Students repeat the names of the food after a teacher if they are true about the pictures.
3. Divide your students into two groups and put four flashcards in front of each group. Then say one food item and ask students from the right group to stand up. When students sit down again continue with the rest of vocabulary.
4. Ask questions: Do you like...? Students will answer Yes, I do. Yummy! (clapping three times for 'Yes, I do.' and rubbing their bellies for 'Yummy!'), if they like the food. If they do not like the food they will not say anything but will make the face as they would like to say 'Yuk!'.
5. Ask one student to come in front of the class, show him flashcards to point to his favourite food. Then other students try to guess his choice asking Do you like ...? questions. The student in front of the class answers: No, I don't. Yuk! or Yes, I do. Yummy!
6. Students walk around the classroom and ask each other Do you like ...? questions about different products.
7. Show a flashcard and ask questions What is this?/ What are these? and Do you like ...? to individual students to check what they have remembered.

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