Lesson Plan to Introduce Winter Clothes Vocabulary

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Lesson Plan to Introduce Winter Clothes Vocabulary

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Published by Anna Sawa in Lesson plans · 10 January 2022
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As it is snowy and frosty outside, the time is perfect to introduce winter clothes vocabulary to your young students. If you bring realia to the classroom your lesson will be memorable, motivating and enjoyable. Children will learn new winter words easily and they will remember them longer.

Age: 3-8
Time: 30 minutes
Language focus:
- winter clothes (in the example: hat, scarf, coat, mittens, boots)
- parts of the body
- structures:
  • Do we need … for winter?
  • We need … (a hat) to keep our … (head) warm.
  • Put on … (mittens) to keep your … (hands) warm
  • Take off your … (coat).
Materials: a bag full of both winter and summer clothes (for example: a hat, a scarf, mittens, boots, a T-shirt, shorts, a swimsuit, flip-flops etc.), winter clothes worksheets.
  1. Students sit in the circle on the floor.
  2. Take the clothes out of the bag one by one, say their names and ask your students to repeat new words. Spread the clothes out on the floor.
  3. Ask which clothes we need for snowy weather. Point to each piece of clothing and ask: Do we need …. (a hat) for winter?  Put the clothes we do not need for cold weather back to the bag and leave only winter clothes on the floor.
  4. Ask children why we need to wear these clothes when it is snowy and frosty outside. Let them add missing body parts in sentences like this:
We need a hat to keep our … (head) warm.
We need a scarf to keep our … (neck) warm.
We need a coat to keep our … (body) warm.
We need mittens to keep our … (hands) warm.
We need boots to keep our … (feet) warm.

5. Children stand in the circle listen to the teacher’s instructions and pretend to put on winter clothes. The teacher shows the right piece of clothing and says:
Put on your boots to keep your feet warm.
Put on your coat to keep your body warm.
Put on your scarf to keep your neck warm.
Put on your hat to keep your hat warm.
Put on your mittens to keep your hands warm.

6. Then ask them to take off their pretend winter clothes in inverse order:
Take off your mittens.
Take off your hat., etc.

7. Distribute the winter clothes worksheets and ask children to colour outfits for the snow.

Click an image below to download winter clothes worksheet for free.

Winter clothes activities for ESL kids

Enjoy teaching with Teacher’s Zone ideas and materials 😊

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