My Dream House Lesson Plan

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My Dream House Lesson Plan

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When lots of house vocabulary is introduced. Students are familiarised with There is/are structure and prepostions of place. It is time to apply their knowledge in practise. You can ask your students to design and draw their dream house and stimulate them to speak and write about it. Try this lesson plan to consolidate your students' knowledge and encourage them to use their creativity.

Dream house - read & write

Age: 8-12
Time: 90 minutes
Language focus:
- rooms and furniture,
- There is/are structure, It is ...
- prepostions of place
Materials: paper, pencils, crayons, reading comprehension worksheets (one for each student)

1. Revise vocabulary and grammar structures if it is necessary.
2. Distribute reading comprehension worksheets and ask students to read the text and answer the questions.

Click on the image below to download the worksheet.

Dream house - worksheet for ESL kids

3. Ask your students to design and draw their dream house on the separate piece of paper.
4. In pairs students talk about designs of their houses - What type of house is it?, Is it big or small?, How many and what rooms are there?
5. Then they write about their dream houses.

Dream house - project for young learners       Dream house - lesson plan for ESL kids

Teaching tips:
- Younger students can write 3-5 sentences according to the template:
I want to live in a ... .
There are ... rooms.
There is a ... in the ... .
- When students' projects are ready you can ask them to present them in front of the class.
- Students can also prepare reading comprehension tasks based on their house descriptions and exchange them with the classmates.

Have fun and let your students use their creativity. If you like 'My dream house' lesson plan and find it useful, please share it and leave a comment.

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