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If you are looking for some unique flashcards and printable worksheets for garden flowers vocabulary to prepare CLIL lessons for EFL students, you are welcome to use these presented in this post. You can find here two sets of garden flowers flashcards. One of them includes only pictures of garden flowers and the other one contains pictures and labels of flowers. If you would like to practise the vocabulary with your students, the flashcards are related to the garden flowers worksheets.

This set of flashcards includes such vocabulary as betony, tulip, narcisus, lily, giant onion, water lily, geranium, rose, lavender, orchid, echinacea, lilac. You can print them or display on the board. Click the image to download flash cards for garden flowers vocabulary.

CLIL materials for garden flowers

If you would like to practise the vocabulary with your EFL students, use these worksheets for garden flowers which are related to the flashcards.

Click the image below to download free printable worksheets.

CLIL materials for garden flowers

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