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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 19 August 2015
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In this post you can find several activities to revise school supplies vocabulary for young ESL learners.

Age: 6-8
Language focus:
- any school supplies (in the example: book, notebook, pen, glue, marker, paitbrush, paints, pencil, sharpener, ruler)
- What's in my school bag?  / Have you got ...? / Yes, I have. / No, I haven't.
- Close / Open your eyes.
- What is missing?
- Can I have ..., please? / Here you are. / Thank you.
Materials: school bag, school supplies, (optional: flashcards)

1. What's in my school bag?

Activity to teach school supplies

Students sit in the circle and they try to guess what you bring to school in your bag. They ask questions Have you got ...? If they say a supply which is in the schol bag, you will take it out and put on the floor. Continue as all items will be out.

2. What is missing?

School things lesson plan for primary students

Students sit in the circle. School supplies are on the floor. Ask children Close your eyes. Put one item into a school bag and say Open your eyes. What is missing?
You can hide more than one item to make the task more challenging.

School things activities for young learners

Continue the game till your students are interested in guessing.

3. Can I have ...?

Students sit in the circle. Items from your school bag are on the floor. Encourage students to pass you school supplies asking Can I have ..., please?. Giving objects children say Here you are. Say Thank you. and put the item into your school bag, Continue as all the school supplies will be inside.

Revising vocabulary for school supplies you can use flashcards as well. Click on the links below to download free flashcards related to school supplies:

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