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WHERE ARE MY TOYS? - lesson plan

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Published by Anna Sawa in Lesson plans · 2 November 2015
Tags: roomshousetoysactivitygames
Simple and involving game to practise toys (or school supplies, or pets) and rooms of the house vocabulary.

Age: 6-10
Language focus:
- rooms in the house; toys (like in the example) / school supplies / pets
- question: Is the ... in the ...?
- answers: Yes, it is. / No, it isn't.
Materials: sheets of paper, pencils, scissors
Time: 45 minutes

Activity to practise house and toys, school supplies or pets vocabulary

- Ask children to give you examples of some toys and rooms in the house. Write students' ideas on the board.
- Then take out the board prepared earlier and hide one of the toys (piece of paper with its name) under a flap. Ask your students to guess where the toy is asking the questions: Is the ... in the ...? (for example: Is the teddy in the kitchen?). Let them ask three questions. If they find the right room, get the point. If not the teacher has got one. Carry on with some other toys.

board game for toys and house topic

- When they catch on the rules of the game, ask them to prepare in pairs their own boards like this:

Teaching idea for house and toys topic

- Students play the game in pairs.

Find more teaching ideas on the house topic in my older post AROUND THE HOUSE.

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