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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Ideas · 26 February 2018
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Practise or introduce some food vocabulary talking with your young students about their likes and dislikes.

Age: 6-10
Language focus:
- any food items
- question: Do you like…?,
- short answers: Yes, I do. Yummy!/ No, I don’t.Yuk!
- present simple
Materials: pictures with food items

Click a picture to find some food flash cards:

Speaking about likes and dislikes

Talking about likes and dislikes  Talking about likes and dislikes

1. Ask students a question Do you like (ex. chips)? and they answer rhythmically if it is true
Yes, I do. (students clap their hands three times) Yummy!  (students rub their bellies)
If it is not true they do not say anything and make a face like they would like to say Yuk!

2. After such introduction ask one student to come in front of the class, show him food flashcards to point to his favourite one.

3. Then other students try to guess his choice asking Do you like...? and the student in front of the class answers No, I don’t. Yuk! or Yes, I do. Yummy!

Your students need more practise - print some free worksheets:
- food

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