FOOD GROUPS - CLIL lesson plan

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FOOD GROUPS - CLIL lesson plan

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Published by Anna Sawa in Lesson plans · 7 March 2022
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The aim of this lesson is to teach food items which are split according to the groups of food they belong to. Products are divided into four food groups: fish & meat, fruit & vegetables, dairy products and grain products. It is also an oportunity to talk about students' likes and dislikes or what is healthy for us.

Nutrition CLIL lesson plan for primary school

Age: 8-12
Time: 90 minutes
Language focus:
- food groups: fish and meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, grain products,
- any food items (in the example: apples, pasta, strawberries,  peppers, tuna, meatballs, tomatoes, bananas, rolls, carrots, broccoli,  lettuce, rice, cherries, beef, butter, spinach, buckwheat groats, cream, baguette, cheese, chicken, milk, steak, cereal, sardines, bacon,  salmon, bread, cottage cheese, ham, yoghurt, sausages)
- word cards: food items and food groups (to download the word cards click here)
- four sheets of paper (red, blue, yellow, green)
- paper for notes and pens
- a set of word cards and a bottle of water (one for each group of three or four students)
Food groups - CLIL lesson plan
1. Revise food vocabulary – divide students into groups of three and ask them to write down as many food items as they remember for three minutes. Then ask them to read their ideas in turns.
2. Attach food groups word cards to the board and ask students to match food items word cards to the right group.

Food groups - CLIL lesson plan for ESL kids

3. Then students can play Food Groups game in groups of three or four.

Click on the image below to find the instruction to the game.

Food - activity for ESL students

4. For more practise students can:
- make notes in their notebooks,
- prepare a poster including their favourite products from each food group,
- do ready-to-use exercises for food groups

CLIL lesson plan for primary school   CLIL lesson plan for primary kids

Enjoy teaching about nutrition and the foreign language at the same time. If you like the post and find it useful, please leave a comment and share this CLIL lesson plan for food groups.  

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Betty Ann Blackford
11 Jun 2023
Very good interactive lesson. Short and to the point. The colour coded food names are creative. I will definately like to subscribe to the site.
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