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Numbers 1-10 Teaching Resources for ESL Kids

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Published by Anna Sawa in Teaching Resources · 7 March 2021
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One of the most common topics for ESL kids is numbers. We often introduce them very early and come back to the topic on many ocassions. That is why teachers need new ideas and materials to keep children's attention and interest. You are welcome to try teaching resources from the Teacher's Zone website to engage your students in practising numbers 1 to 10.

There is a set of colourful flashcards for numbers 1-10. You can print them or display on the board to introduce new vocabulary.

Click the image below to download free numbers 1-10 flashcards.

Free numbers 1-10 flashcards for ESL kids

If you would like to practise the vocabulary with your ESL kids, use these worksheets for numbers 1-10.

Click the image below to download free printable worksheets.

Free printable number worksheets

You can use this poster to consolidate knowledge of numbers 1 to 10 - print and attach it to the class bulletin board.

Click the image below to download the poster.

Free numbers 1 to 10 poster to download

Numbers 1-10 activities for ESL kids

If you need some more ideas how to teach numbers 1 - 10 to ESL kids you can also try these activities below.

Your students can be heavily involved in an arrangement for Funny Numbers Show. This activity is really easy to organise. You only need a paper sheet for each student, crayons and markers. Click the link to continue reading: Funny numbers show

Speaking and craft activity to practise not only numbers but also colours, jobs, letters of the alphabet and future simple. Click the link to continue reading: Fortune teller

Enjoy the number resources from the Teacher's Zone website! Leave a comment if you find them useful.

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