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Age: 8-12                                                         Sports, free tima activities, verb 'can' - speaking activity               
Sports, free time activities, modal verb 'can'
Language focus:
- sports and free time activities
- question: Can you …?,
- short answers: Yes, I can. / No, I can't.
- He/She can ..., but he/she can't ... .
Materials: a sheet of paper and a pencil for each student

Age: 6-10     What do you like to eat? - speaking activity for young learners                                                              
Language focus:
- any food items
- question: Do you like…?,
- short answers: Yes, I do. Yummy!
                        No, I don’t.Yuk!
- present simple
Materials: pictures with food items

Age: 4-8                                    Speaking activity to practise vocabulary for animals
Language focus:
- any vocabulary (in the example: zoo animals)
Hello. / Bye, bye.
Where are you? / Here I am.
How are you? / I’m fine, thank you.
Materials: finger puppets (in the example zoo animals).

Age: 6-10                                           Monster - activity for body parts, numbers and colours                                                     
Practise body parts, numbers and colours
Language focus:
- parts of the body, numbers 1-6, colours
My monster’s name is …; It has got …; It is… /They are…
Materials: dices, paper (one sheet for each student), pencils and crayons.

Age: 6-12                                                                                                      Dragon snap - practise vocabulary for occupations
Language focus:
lexical items: colours, numbers, letters of the alphabet, jobs,
- question: What’s your favourite…?,
- verb ‘to be’
- future simple: You will be a/an …
Materials: a sheet of A4 paper (one for each child), crayons, a pencil, scissors. 

Age: 3-6                                                                                                                                          Five litel monkeys - nursery rhyme
Language focus:
- counting 1-5
- vocabulary: little monkeys, a crocodile / an alligator, in the tree, swinging, teasing, quiet, to snap, to catch
- grammar: can / can't
Materials: monkey finger puppets, paper tree, a crocodile / alligator toy

Age: 8-12              Activity to practise asking questions                                                                        
Activity to practise asking questions
Language focus: asking questions
Materials: none

Age: 9-12                                                                          Routines - speaking activity
Language focus:
vocabulary for daily routines
telling the time
- Present Simple
Materials: photocopies of a table to complete (one for each student)

Age: 8-10                                         Interview your friends - speaking
Language focus: Present Simple:
- Do you …? ; Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
- Have you got …? ; Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.
- Can you …? ; Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.
Materials: questionnaire (one for each student)


Age: 10-12                                                                         Qustions
Language focus: making questions to given answers
Materials: a sheet of paper for each group to write down the questions, pencils or pens


Age: 7-12                                         
Language focus: 
- questions: What’s your favourite…?, Do you like…?
- short answers: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
- asking and talking about favourite fruit and vegetables
- present simple
Materials: photocopies of the worksheet (one for each child)


Age: 4-8             Simple spiking activity for young learners
Language focus:
- any toys (in the example: a ball, a doll, a car, a plane, a parrot, a humming top)
- What's this? / It's a ...
Here you are. ; Thank you.
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