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Tags: daily_routinesspeakingworksheetsactivityprintables
Speaking, listening and writing activity to practise present simple, daily routines and telling the time.

Age: 9-12  
Language focus:
- vocabulary for daily routines
- telling the time
- Present Simple
Materials: photocopies of a table to complete (one for each student)

Click the image to download the worksheet.

Lesson plan to practise daily routines, telling the time and present simple
1. Divide the class into groups of three and distribute photocopies of a table.
2. Ask students to write down what time they do each daily routine.
3. Each member of the group tell about his/her day and the rest note the times in the table.
For example: I get up at six o’clock. Then I have shower, get dressed and have breakfast at half past six. etc.)
4. After speaking activity or as homework your students write description using information from the table.
For example: I get up at six o’clock, but Matt and Kate get up at half past six. I have breakfast at half past six and Matt has breakfast at seven o’clock. Kate doesn’t have breakfast. etc.

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