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It is well-known that animals theme is interesting on its own for children. However, a teacher needs to prepare some activities which involve students. The best way to catch their attention are objects they can see, touch or even taste. Here you can find some ideas what and how to use that your lessons about zoo animals would be a great success.

Finger puppets

introducing animals vocabulary  zoo animals rhymes and songs

It is a good idea to use finger puppets to introduce a new set of vocabulary. Put on finger puppets one by one and say "Hello, children. I'm (ex. a parrot)." Encourage children to say "Hello (ex. parrot)" to each animal. Then you can say or sing the rhyme like this:

"Parrot finger, parrot finger, where are you? (point to a parrot)
Here I am, here I am, how are you?"
and students respond:                  "I'm fine, thank you."

Repeat the rhyme with the rest of th animls you would like to teach.

Matching game

animals matching game      animals board game

Put the animal puzzles into the bag and ask different students to take out a puzzle and match it to the board. Then you can ask children to call the zoo animals they can see.

Animal dominoes

zoo animals dominoes

Divide your students into groups of four and give a set of dominoes to each group. Ask children to say aloud names of the animals which are on a tile they draw.

Zoo animals biscuits

zoo animals biscuits      zoo animals biscuits

Children one by one choose an animal they can call, say its name aloud and then they can eat the biscuit. Bon appetit!

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